Mike, amazon alexa butler guide

Mike app, manager web app and client app




when Mike is launched login screen is shown.

You can register with a email address (you will receive a confirmation email to regiter your email address)

It is possible to access without login but all options will not be available (create and restore a back-up, manage Mike outside your localnet,...)

After login you access to a main simple screen

  • You can click on url to manage Mike devices and activities [http://your-local-ip:9082] to manage them
  • By default Mike launch in "Running state"
  • Clicking on central image you turn-off or turn-on Mike
  • Mike menu has next options:
    1. Setup where you can configure
      • Milight bridge IP
      • Mike port
    2. Close / Open sesion if you are logged or not
    3. Start /Stop Alexa Discovery, set Mike in discovery mode so Alexa can dsicover devices defined in Mike
    4. Create backup in Mike cloud
    5. Restore your last backup from Mike cloud
    6. Exit from Mike app


  • Mike is configured via a webpage: http://ip-where-is-installed-mike-apk:9082 (9082 port can be changed in apk setup)
  • There are 2 tabs:
    • Current Devices: where you can add and manage devices and link them with alexa
    • Current Activities: where you can schedule activities for one day, or with daily, weekly or monthly periodicity


  • This app manage devices with 2 states: ON and OFF
  • There are 4 kind of devices:
    • Broadlink: devices controled by a broadlink RM
      • RM+ can control RF o IR signals
      • RM mini can control IR signals
    • MiLight: milight / limitlessled devices
      • WIFI bridge
      • Wifi bulbs / Wifi controler by zone
    • Other kind of device controled (ON/OFF) by url commands
    • Scenes: a sequences of commands related to defined devices
  • In "Current Devices" tab you can see a list with all defined devices and test ON/OFF commands related to them
  • Once you have defined all your devices just Click-on "Discover button" and you have 60 secs to got alexa app and launch discovery mode "Smart Home >> Devices >> Discover", or just say to uout Alexa device "Alexa, discover devices"

Broadlink devices

  1. First step is to select your RM manager. It is possible to have more than one.
    • If you need to reload RM manager list press "Re-load devices" button and app will search for any RM device in your local net
  2. Fill name of you device
  3. Select ON command
  4. Select OFF command
  5. Click on Add button and the device will be shown on devices list
  • Initially command select-fields are empty so you need to "learn" commads via Broadlink device. Click on "Learning Command" button and it will show a modal screen. Write a name for new command. You have 10 secs to push you remote to send the signal (RF or IR) to your Broadlink RM device.
  • Also you can delete a command clicking on "Delete Command" button

MiLight devices

  • Your MiLight device has to be previously configured with Milight apk
  • In setup Mike apk menu you need to configute ip fo you Milight Wifi bridge
  1. Set a name for you device
  2. Select what Milight you want to add: Wifi bridge or Wifi remote manager
  3. Select what Zone you want to control
  4. Click-on add button

Other devices

  1. Set a name for your new device
  2. Add url which turn on your device (you can test it clicking on Test button)
  3. Add url which turn offyour device (you can test it clicking on Test button)
  4. Click-on add button


  • Activites are programed commands of a defined device.
  • Activities ar not controled by Alexa. Mike is ready to manage them
  1. Select what device you what to program
  2. Select time and hour
  3. Select peridicity:
    1. Once
    2. Daily
    3. Weekly
    4. Monthly
  4. Click on Add button


  • First time app is open Mike Client will try to connect with Mike. It will success if Mike client is in the same network as Mike and Mike is configured on default port, 9082
  • In case Mike is configured in other port just select Mike Client menu option "Connect to Mike" and click on "Discover" button in Mike Manager webpage, so Mike client will be able to link with Mike
  • Any time a new device is configured on Mike it is requeres to reload on Mike Client, selecting open "load devices" on Mike Client menu